Three Benefits of Homeschooling High School You’ll Love

You’ve heard all the buzz about homeschooling being a great option, but what about the high school years at home? You know it’s legal, but is it a good for them personally? And, isn’t high school hard? Knowing how nutty things are right now, you’re thinking this may be the time to give it a try despite your fears. What are the benefits of homeschooling high school? Looking back, let me tell you that deciding to homeschool high school was the best decision I ever made, and I think you will feel the same way.

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1. Homeschooling High School Gets an A+ for Academic Benefits

The academic benefits of homeschooling high school mostly come from the individualized scholastic attention students receive. The one on one learning environment, opportunities to learn from a diverse selection of teachers, mentors and specialists, as well as the student’s ability to follow their own academic interests are the reasons for this advantage. The flexibility of homeschooling high school makes it suited to struggling students and over-achievers alike. This is because you can put together an individualized plan based on your teen’s strengths, weaknesses and personal interests. From there they are more likely to take responsibility for their coursework. And, in homeschooling, schoolwork can happen at a pace that matches your family’s lifestyle and student’s daily routine, thus maximizing the student’s learning potential. Finally, you’ll have the freedom to find classes and tutors from other places (outsourcing) that can take your child’s interest in a subject to a whole other level!

Another great academic benefit of homeschooling high school is the fact that you can take advantage of a grading system called Standards Based Grading. This system of grading provides grades based on the objectives met by the student rather than a predetermined set grade system. Standards based grading makes the most sense in homeschooling. Your teen, properly supervised, is either going to learn the material easily or get personalized resources to make sure the material is learned. This teaches your teen that their individual work is valuable on its own, needs to be completed in a timely fashion and up to standard. This more personalized method of grading insists on good results, and instills an internal sense of what grades mean, since the student’s grade is based on the quality of their individual work rather than simply compared against the work of others.

2. Homeschooling Will Accelerate Your Teen’s Personal Development Skills

In their academic studies, the student can learn great personal responsibility. They can help plan which subjects to study, learn to follow each lesson in a self-directed way, and check their own work. Although you should absolutely keep tabs on their work frequently (ideally daily) giving your child the freedom to come to you when questions arise or problems are difficult helps them learn to be accountable for their own learning in a way that will stick with them for life. Under your close supervision, taking this personal responsibility for monitoring their own progress and communicating their needs is exactly what they will have to do in college courses.

While pursuing their high school coursework, your teen will learn to pace their work, find personal motivation that inspires them to complete their work and learn to balance their school work with their personal time – a benefit that is an inherent part of homeschooling because of its individualized workload. Your unique perspective as parent is superior to any other ‘high school counselor’ your student could have. Motivated by love and a desire to see your teen succeed, you can direct your student toward resources that teach time management and personal development so that they can not only succeed in their coursework, but also succeed over their lifetime in all their pursuits.

And, when it comes to maximizing the students potential for lifelong happiness, homeschooling high school can’t be beat!

The efficiency of homeschooling high school leaves time to pursue personal interests. Allowing teens to follow their passions is the number one benefit to homeschooling high school for the teen. They will learn to be industrious, a key to personal fulfillment in life. In our homeschool, our teens made documentaries, taught sewing classes, learned professional programming skills, and one even began a fiber animal farm! Any hobby your student has can be turned into an elective. That can lead to finding mentors and set them on the path toward their profession. The opportunity to have mentors and the personal development that comes along with building those relationships makes homeschooling high school a great choice.

3. Homeschooling High School Benefits the Entire Family

Looking back, I feel an amazing sense of satisfaction from homeschooling high school with our teens. The young adult years now going on in our family leave us all physically distanced and busy. But, the memories made while working together through the high school years gives us a unique bond that could not have been created any other way. We worked together. We laughed together. We fought together! Let me tell you, learning how to manage conflict within the context of family is golden!

My own personal growth was almost as valuable to me as was watching our teens grow through grumpy tweens as they entered high school into maturing young adults when graduation came around. Watching their transformation while helping them work through the emotional and physical changes of adolescence was precious to me. Finally, it is without a doubt that most of life’s happiness is tied to happiness in the home. Learning to work with and along side siblings and parents lays a great foundation for your teen’s future home life.

When you think about the reasons to choose homeschooling in high school, know that you are investing in your teen’s future. The benefits of homeschooling high school go well beyond the academic benefit by teaching them individualized personal development skills and planting seeds for their lifelong happiness. The lesson of learning to pursue their passions is priceless. And, you will feel great satisfaction from spending these precious fleeting years together.

Best wishes!

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