Hi, I’m Stephanie!

and It’s my honor to help you provide an awesome high school at home experience for your teen!

I want to share the simple steps we took to make sure our teens had a personalized collage prep experience at home. Not only that – they developed hobbies, interests, and communication skills that made them irresistible to colleges and had those same colleges lining up to offer scholarship money.

But it didn’t start out that way!   

When our teens approached high school, I thought about the Official Record and Chemistry and Calculus, and I panicked! Thinking that everything I loved about homeschooling (time for hobbies & family time) would have to change, I resigned myself to four years of nothing but hardcore academics for each of our teens. But, what about the mentors I wanted them to find, the projects I wanted them to accomplish, the internships I wanted them to take part in?

Well, that’s exactly what High School Planning Secrets is all about.

High School Planning Secrets are gems that teach you to kindle passion in your teens for learning and prepare a college prep plan for high school at home.

Yes, with High School Planning Secrets, you’ll learn how your teen can have academic success and develop the skills and character that create a lifetime of personal satisfaction.

Thanks for letting me help you as you begin your journey!